Re: It's the tack cloth.

Posted by Steve Miller on Feb 27, 2005

The only wash you need for your epoxy is water. When all the coats are on then give it a good wash or wet sanding. I never use solvents or tack rags of any kind - even rubbing alcohol. Tack rags are either wax or oil and just not worth the trouble they cause. They mess up the finish too much. A dry rag will remove dust just fine. Or a damp rag followed by a dry one.

The CLC comments about fabric softener are right on too. Its been tough to wean my wife off them so I wash my own rags.

I don't even use solvents between coats of paint or varnish. Its just not needed unless you are trying to remove something specific - like wax from a fiberglass boat before painting. Remember too that the fresh paint or varnish is not really cured for a week or more and a solvent wipe down is just asking for little bubbles or other problems like fisheyes.

Don't be frustrated. Follow the advice from CLC and you will be fine!

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