tuiliks? TUILIKS?? What

Posted by Mac on Jan 25, 2005

the Heck are TUILIKS?

See, Ken comes up with something terrific for builders to try (and a SUPER idea by the way!), and gives his ol' pal Mac a friggin acronym to figger out. It only took me a year to decipher LMAO, so this should see me well into the next decade.

Thank's Ken.

PS. My designer and I discussed deck layout prior to installation - stuff like slotted web loop ends and those flush perimeter line dohickies which require blocks of wood to be added below the 4mm deck to be routed out and a SS dowel pinned through for the line to pass under (boy, was THAT ever clear! Bet I'll figure out Tuiliks before anyone understands that one.) Anyway, I fully agree that a mock-up deck is a great plan - and not just for first time builders. I'm going to do it for SWMBO's yak-in-progress.


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