Slotted Webbing Ends

Posted by Mac on Jan 25, 2005


Thank's for clearing up tuiliks - I never knew the real name for them. There's a forum member who built a gorgeous Skin on Frame kayak and wore a borrowed tuilik in his launch shots. Thank's to you I'll know what it's called now.

I plan to try the slotted web ends on the kayak I'm building now. Again my feeble brain can't remember who here on the forum - Steve? Dave? has terrific pictures of the process which involved a series of 1/8" drilled holes through the deck cleaned up into a slot with hole saw and file. The webbing loop is imbedded into a small block of wood with epoxy and the loop is pushed up from below - making for a very neat and hardwareless set of bungee guides and hatch hold downs. I'm sure they could guide perimeter lines as well.

I hope the originators see this feelble description and bail me out. I'd really like to see it again as well.

There are so many things to try - flush magnetic hatches a la Tony Calvert, recessed coaming (a REAL challenge), inlays, onlays, paddle parks, day hatches. And that's just the deck! How about seat and padding carving and customizing, and cockpit storage tricks a la Maurer and LeeG. Man, this forum is a treasure trove of great ideas.

Gotta love it!

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