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Posted by Ken Leffert on Jan 25, 2005

Howdy Mac!

Was thinking about what a builder at Kyle's stage of building might do.....

They're going to need a good way to hold the boat at the varnishing stage that doesn't damage the surface. Good padded sawhorses or websling sawhorses. Might as well do those now.

Since they'll have the non-surface-marring kayakholder built, I can't think of any reason not to turn her over and plane the sheer clamps. Don't want to get ANY chemical or adhesive on the unfilled epoxy, but a few minor scuffs from something brushing up against it will be automatically taken care of with the filling and sanding process....

Why not make some posterboard patterns of the deck (have to do them just like the plans, a forward section and an aft section)...make the posterboard deck oversized so that it hangs over the edge an inch or two, lace it down to the hull with some string through holes punched in the posterboard, pass the string beneath the hull & up to the other side (remember, NO TAPE on the unfilled glass), so that you have what looks mostly like a boat.

The reason for the cardboard pattern would be to markout and cut out the cockpit opening, start thinking about hatch locations and deck rigging. Over a year after I built my boat, I'm still re-working deck rigging. Think about things like whether you want to use the standard hatch hold-downs (which are quite adequate for most uses) or use something else. Soft padeyes are always worth considering, for bungie cord sections. Build one or two of them just for the heck of it, you're liable to like them. LeeG has advocated moving the rear hatch back an inch or two from the cockpit opening to open up more space between the cockpit and the hatch, his ideas always deserve consideration, seems like a good one to me. (Lee, please yell at me if I'm misusing your name here!).'s a good time to consider things, and you can mark up, cutout, change, debate, change again the posterboard a lot easier than the boat!

For Mac........gosh, idunno. You can never have too many tuiliks!

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