Re: Float bags and swampi

Posted by terry on Jan 21, 2005

Such great advice and ideas!

For the new builders, if you're thinking of using float bags for backup floatation, triple-check the interiors of your cargo compartments to be sure there are no sharp edges from epoxy drips, deck nails or glass filaments which can and, according to Murphy, will puncture the bags. I know this will happen from experience.

Also, for the budget builders, or the manic misers like myself, empty plastic gallon jugs make great, free flotation. They are virtually weightless, puncture resistant, slow to fill with water if they are punctured and you can cram as many as you like in there. One or more can be filled with water for extra stability or boat-trimming options. Those plastic bags inside the 5-liter wine boxes (I'm such a wine connoisseur) work well, put are more puncture-prone

Note that I call the bags float bags, rather than air bags, to avoid confusion. My wife says I'm an air bag and I doubt I would fit inside a kayak hatch.


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