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Posted by LeeG on Jan 21, 2005

after spending $150 on multiple float bags,,,the lesson is learned. Surf launching with a float bag known to deflate in 4hrs ensured my off shore paddles were about two hrs long with the Patuxent17,,until I got ANOTHER new bag after the old one was covered in patches. That's why I didn't put in underdeck carlins/ring bulkheads on a Northbay I made beause the proliferation of interior corners increased the need to round off those corners (and chance for sharp epoxied slivers)compared to putting on underdeck glass. If a relatively smooth production glass kayak could have sharp edges on the interior seam tape that could initiate a leak after a few months use and my first s&g Patuxent 17 could puncture dry bags on a regular basis it makes sense to ensure the interior is as smooth as possible,,besides removing skin off ones knuckles while fishing around inside trying to rearrange dry bags,,or get the rotten candy bar stuck to the underside of the deck.

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