Re: Curious - why remove?

Posted by Karl on Jan 13, 2005

Decisions, decisions... Iguess I'm looking at it from this perpective. I'm 6'7" and weigh closer to 300lbs then 250lbs...a lot closer. I've paddled a Perception Carolina 16.0 for the last year and it's not a good fit (best I could do within the budgetary and availability constraints at the time). My biggest complaints came from the fact that a) Ihad to enter legs first because my knees wouldn't clear the cockpit coaming while sitting, and b)once in place for an hour or so my legs would start to cramp up because there was no room for me to move them around. The Chesapeake 18 addresses the first problem with the custom coaming. I have 2" of extra length to get my knees in and out of the boat with. Problem b however is only partially addressed though because despite the fact that the overall under deck height is improved in this boat, some of that space is taken up with the deck beam. Realistically it will fallabout 3" in front of my knees, and may not be a problem. I think my best bet (because I really don't want to compomise strength) might be to rout away an inside bevel/roundover to gain a little clearance without destroying the support. By the way John, I may be that one in 800, I'm a pretty big boy (working on getting smaller though).

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