Re: Curious - why remove?

Posted by FrankP on Jan 13, 2005

No question that the coaming isn't going to crack. I was thinking more likely that if there were going to be any cracks (due to removal of a deckbeam) it would be the foredeck about 18-24 inches fore of the coaming. Personally, I don't think it will happen unless something big and heavy stands right there on the deck, but I figure the extra peace of mind supplied by glassing the underside of the front deck is worth it.

As for the stresses, I wasn't sure about how well the deck beam would relay the stresses to the sheerclamps instead of the deck. There is the possibility that the beam actually gives a focal point for the stress instead of relaying them but I have no proof either way. Your anecdotal evidence is far better than my postulations.


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