Re: Curious - why remove?

Posted by CLC on Jan 12, 2005

Once in awhile the paddler will find that the deckbeam catches them across the knees. Were I to guess, I'd say it was one in every eight hundred builders or so. The effect can be more pronounced if the paddler is especially big and tall for a given cockpit.

If there's any question, a trial sit in one of our demo boats or a Builder's Club member's boat will settle it.

Rounding over the lower edges of the deckbeam with a rasp and sandpaper or a router is definitely helpful for comfort.

We do NOT recommend the deckbeam be removed unless you understand exactly what the tradeoffs are. If a loosely installed deckbeam gets dislodged while the deck is being fitted, the consequences could be serious (I've had this happen in kayak building classes). And once complete, the deckbeam provides a substantial margin of strength to the cockpit area. (Think of tie-down straps being cinched extra tight across the deck when cartopping.)

For most people, their knees fall aft of the deckbeam.

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