Re: Curious - why remove?

Posted by FrankP on Jan 13, 2005


If you rout out a bevel and still have problems you can always cut the beam out later with a pull saw or something...though it might be difficult.

Your best bet is to just give yourself a test fit before you permanently assemble the deck and if that works, you're golden. If not, you can remove the deckbeam and still be solid.

I would definitely recommend glassing the underside of the deck if you remove it though. You're a big boy and probably transfer much more stress from your legs (very strong muscles in the thighs) to the boat than a smaller person would. That deck beam will transfer some of that stress across the width of the boat and into the sheer clamps whereas without it the stress goes directly into the deck. The glass will help strengthen the deck and provide some of that tension transfer that you lose by removing the deck beam (assuming I understand the physics of the interaction between the wood and fiberglass).

Either way, keep us informed, and good luck.


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