Re: application of graphi

Posted by Doug Rhude on Dec 16, 2004

If your surface is smooth before you epoxy, & your getting ripples(runs)you're probably putting it on too thick. Also bubbles may be outgassing, be sure the temp is dropping, or maybe you're not tipping out after you apply with a roller. You can end up with two shades of black, If you roll epoxy on & tip with a brush (or roller),& don't sand the finish at all you'll end up with a glossy black finish, if you sand (wet sand with 400 grit) you'll end up with a dark flat grey color & a very slick finish. Not sanding does'nt give as slick of a finish as sanding, kinda defeats the purpose of using graphite to make your hull more slippery. The Pax pic is probably not sanded. I graphite all my hulls & sand...But I don't care what it looks like....I just want it to go faster! The grey doesn't look so bad! Hope this helps! Doug Rhude

In Response to: Re: application of graphi by Robert N Pruden on Dec 16, 2004