Re: Demon Doug

Posted by Doug Rhude on Dec 17, 2004

Heck Robert, 201.5lbs. ain't bad at all, ought to be fast enough! Too bad we're a half a country apart, I'd enjoy paddling with an adventurous sole like you. I'll bet the rivers are challenging & awsome up there. Sorry guys, I didn't mean to sound like there's no speed benifit to graphite/epoxy, but it's not like you're gonna gain an extra mph. on your top end speed, I look at it over a 260 mi. non stop race....every little bit helps... who knows, maybe an extra 30min. out of 70hr. race? 1 or 2% gain?... hard to measure...other benifits are more noticeable. Another thing I'd like to should consider adding cabosil to the mixture of graphite/epoxy. The graphite powder CLC sells says 10% by volume or 1 teaspoon to 5oz. of epoxy, I usually add 1 teaspoon of cabosil to the mixture, just to harden it up a bit as just graphite/epoxy by its self does seem to scrape off easily, it does make a difference. Cabosil... Kinda like hot sauce....I put it in everything! Have a nice day ya'll....Doug R.

In Response to: Re: Demon Doug by Robert N Pruden on Dec 16, 2004