Re: Demon Doug

Posted by Doug Rhude on Dec 16, 2004

Hey Mac, The speed thing is all in your mind!(you must belive in the graphite!),it really doesn't make much difference since our boat's top speed is 8-10mph... on a VERY GOOD DAY!...with the wind at your BACK....AND some good CURRENT! (not enough friction generated to make a S%#!). But, the really slick finish one gets after some wet sanding is great for sliding over stuff one might find on/in a river, logs, rocks & earth come to mind, it's quite a bit smoother than plain epoxy. But hey, every bit helps eh? Plus, the ease of repairing scratches & dings whitch we all get no matter how hard we "Baby" our boats. The "babying" thing only lasts for the 1st year or so anyways, then it's on to "let's see what this thing can take" phase! along with the "I can always build another" phase! Sorry Mac, no miricals(sp) for speed here! I'm buildin' a topless Pax these days(convertible rag top),trying out some 1.4oz.S glass in efforts to build a 30lb. race(safari) boat, we'll see how that goes! By the way Robert, congrats on your 30lb. boat! it ain't easy to take 20lbs. of wood & come out with a 30lb. boat!(seat, rudder,& footpegs inc.?) Merry Christmas to Ya'll from Texas!

Doug Rhude

In Response to: Demon Doug by Mac on Dec 16, 2004