Re: Where to paddle in D.

Posted by terry on Dec 6, 2004

Ken, I haven't paddled the WEstern Shore of the Chesapeake much, but I have sailed it. St. Mary's River down near the mouth of the Potomac is nice paddling. There's a college there and a sandy beach for put-ins. From Annapolis (which is so busy with boats I find paddling there a bit nerve racking at times) there's some lovely paddling up the Severne River.

On the Eastern Shore, which I am more familiar with, the upper or lower reaches or the Tred Avon have good, free put-ins at Easton, and from the beach at Oxford. The route around Wye Island is lovely, as is the Chester River (putting in at the public wharf in Chestertown). The Sassafras River can be accessed from the beach at Betterton, near the river mouth. There are a few books on paddling the Bay. Can't remember the titles, but if you google around or check Amazon, you should be able to find them.

Good luck exploring that lovely country, much of which can be paddled year-round if it's a milder winter and you have good winter gear. The winter waterfowl and the Skipjacks oystering are amazing sights.


In Response to: Where to paddle in D.C.? by Ken Leffert on Dec 5, 2004