Re: Where to paddle in D.

Posted by Laszlo on Dec 7, 2004

Hi Ken,

Yeah, I've got a guidebook inside me waiting to bubble out.

I got my private pilot's license with instrument rating in the 80's and 90's, then moved to the DC area and was too busy to fly for a while. Just as I was clearing time and had even started talking to the guys at the FBO's, 9/11 happened. Once all the regulatory dust had settled, I decided that flying in the DC area was going to be about as much fun as doing income taxes (background checks, mandatory flight plan approval required in advance, restrictions changing every time the alert color changes, really nasty penalties for even the smallest infractions, etc.). So I returned to boating and will probably stay grounded until we move out from under the DC paranoia umbrella.

Fortunately, no one feels threatened by a kayak, except LeeG and that can be fixed with a tennis ball on its nose :-)


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