Where to paddle in D.C.?

Posted by Ken Leffert on Dec 5, 2004

I'm looking for suggestions of good paddling put-ins around the Wheaton, MD. area (Wheaton is 8 miles, 30 minutes in traffic, north of Washington D.C.). Talking about for next spring....

I moved to Wheaton from Baltimore. From Baltimore, I could get to Havre de Grace, my favorite place to go. I'd usually put in at the Tidewater Grille and poke around upriver (the Susquehanna) up to about Port Deposit, where the current gets a little brisk for me.

I'd like to find places within an hour or two (each way) from me. To look at a map, most people would think that I would be surrounded by wonderful paddling spots close to my house. It may be so....but I haven't discovered them yet. Sandy Point state park is within reach, I've paddled there once, would like to hear other people's thoughts of that part of the bay. Any unseen hazards, rip currents or anything like that, involved in crossing the bay there? Not counting the obvious hazard, the shipping lane. It doesn't seem to be particularly scenic, but then I probably just don't know where to look.

I've driven to Annapolis to look around, if you paddle there, where do you put in? Where do you park!? Annapolis seems a little overdeveloped and overcrowded for my taste.

Also interested in the Potomac....drove up to the Monocacy Aquaduct last weekend, there's a launch site there that looks perfect for me, anyone from this forum paddle up in that area?

I know if I extend my driving time to 2 or 3 hours, there's a zillion good options, like Assateague Island, would like to hear anyones experiences with those also. Thanks in advance!