Re: Where to paddle in D.

Posted by Ken Leffert on Dec 6, 2004

Enjoying the thread too! Going to print out each response and check em out. Pretty well grounded til spring...I don't have the right gear for winter paddling and can't justify buying it. When the water does warm up a little, maybe a few of us could just happen to be checking out the same spots at the same time.....that would be a good thing! Just have to figure out the communications.

Laszlo.....I really appreciate the detail in your post, that's really helpful! I haven't wanted to stray off-topic in the forum enough to ask your interest in aviation, but maybe our most gracious and tolerant webhost will allow a little diversion.....I quit flying shortly after getting my PPL in the late 1980's, love flying, but I just couldn't afford it, as well as other issues. Really excited about the new Sport Pilot Rule! Went for my first hang glider ride last fall, that is definitely something I'm going to pursue this can take the boy out of the sky, but you can't take the sky out of the boy......what are you up to? Ken Leffert EAA #757050.

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