Re: Epoxy hardener pump

Posted by Mac on Nov 21, 2004


You've obviously played with epoxy before, so telling you not to forget your gloves and glasses is unnecessary - so I won't. 'Cause the hardener is the real nasty stuff as you already know.

I've found that the resin stays clear, while the hardener goops/crystalizes and generally blocks it's pump within days of last use. I use a 5:1 formulation where the hardener is especially prone to this annoying habit.

Is there enough hardener to slosh around in its container? Does the pump move freely - like it used to? If so, here's what I'd try - REALLY CAREFULLY - remove the pump and see if you can pump white vinegar from a plastic glass or other disposable container.

Maybe let the pump soak for a while in the vinegar.

If this doesn't work, I'd invest in another set of pumps - cheaper than a botched epoxy mix.

If it DOES work, clean all vinegar from the pump and do an accurate test to see that your pumps are dispensing as advertised.

There are many folk on this forum who NEVER pump. They don't trust em - mixing by volume in measuring cups or by weight on accurate scales.

There is something to this, as I've never run out of resin and hardener at the same time, which indicates to me that the pumps are not dead on.

Best of luck and please be careful.

In Response to: Epoxy hardener pump by Jeff on Nov 20, 2004