Posted by Mac on Nov 22, 2004


You athiestic anarchist! How dare you not have a strong opinion on the ritual of the Holy Mix, which you would die to defend? I bet you don't care about squeegee or roller application either -advocating folk try both to see which works best for them! How are we supposed to function in a scociety where everyone doesn't do it MY way? (And dares to think that THEIR way may work better for them?)

This is dangerous m'boy! My generation spent a lot of time and money going to universities and building "The Box". Books were written, courses and seminars were held. ISO was invented to ensure that there could only be one repeatable approach to everything.

And now you encourage people to "experiment", "try different approaches", "THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX!!"

My God Man! Do you have any idea what you're unleashing here?

Stop listening to Charlie! He's poisoning your mind with experience, and we all know that experience is no substitute for theory.

'Kay gotta go now, my soap box is free at the park. Today's sermon - "MY way or Hell and Damnation!"

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