Posted by Laszlo on Nov 22, 2004

I've used pumps (and System 3) almost exclusively for the last 3 years and have not had a single bad batch of epoxy. And when I have had problems with pumps not delivering, it's always been with the resin, not the hardener. Typically, after a winter of inactivity, the resin has crystallized inside the pump. I just take the whole bottle and leave it immersed in hot water for a few hours until the crystals dissolve.

I also find that all the heroic measures to rescucitate pumps are too much trouble when for $5 or so you can just buy a new pump. I just make it a practice to order a new pump with every bottle of epoxy or hardener.

What I find really amusing is how pump vs. hand mix becomes a religious debate. For the record, I don't actually care what anyone uses. I think everyone should try both and pick whichever works best for them.

Happy epoxying to all,


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