cheap white marine paint?

Posted by Kelly C on Aug 31, 2004

Laszlo had an excellent suggestion in my thread about my "major wherry screwup". He basically said, "epoxy it and use it". I'm planning on doing just that, and I put the first coat of epoxy on the inside of my wherry last night. I'll do another coat tonight, and even though I've already put 2 coats on the exterior, I'll touch it up with more epoxy tomorrow.

But I just can't stand the idea of taking my "bondo boat". I've used quite a bit of fairing compound on the outside of the boat, and I'm thinking of slapping on a quick coat of some kind of paint, just so the boat looks white. In the online guides for building a "cheap canoe", they suggest just using exterior latex house paint. The boat is only in the water for a few hours at a time, and I'm going to be sanding the paint off this winter anyway. Should I use the cheapest Home Despot paint I can buy? If I put Home Despot epoxy paint on it, will I be able to sand it off?

The actual marine paint is just so bloody expensive. I think I paid close to $50 for a quart can of it at West Marine, and I'll need 2 quarts to do 2 coats.

Suggestions welcome!