Re: cheap white marine pa

Posted by TomS on Aug 31, 2004

You don't need 2 quarts of brightsides to do 2 coats on the exterior of a Wherry. One qt will do it. Even if you don't complete the second coat, big deal, you're putting more on later anyway.

This can be had for $27 from CLC and maybe a few bucks less elsewhere. I'd say it's worth getting the good stuff due to the savings later. If you put on latex, you'll have to make sure to sand every bit of the stuff off before putting on some better stuff next season.

If you consider the labor savings, plus I think the chances of a better end result, it's still worth using good materials, even if it's a pain in the pocketbook.

In Response to: Re: cheap white marine pa by Rob on Aug 31, 2004