Re: cheap white marine pa

Posted by Mac on Aug 31, 2004


Maybe it's because I come from the age of A&W parking lots full of "work in progress" cars which were kool. Ah, the smell of Bondo and onion rings!

I see absolutely NO problem in taking your epoxied and filled hull for a spin. It tells the world that you are building this beautiful thing at your speed, and will get to the right and proper finishing in your own damn time!

Don't let short term vanity have you wasting money (even cheap paint costs money) and a lot of time sanding later (and wondering if your final paint job is adhering properly to whatever you weren't able to sand off completely..)

Tell folk this is a prototype design and you may have final adjustments to do prior to finishing.

Then walk around looking scientific and saying "Hmmmmmm" a lot.

In Response to: cheap white marine paint? by Kelly C on Aug 31, 2004