Re: surf launching/landin

Posted by Steve in Ottawa on Jul 31, 2004

Thanks for that advice Lee. I've been working on my roll, and it's real solid in flat water, but it's not there for waves/rough water yet. Plus it only works on one side so far. It's definately a goal of mine to have a solid "whitewater" roll. I am struggling a bit trying to transition from a "C to C" roll to a screw roll, which I think will be better.

As far as landings, I'll have to spend some time side surfing waves to get comfortable with it. The couple of times I broached on a breaking wave I was able to ride it out with a high brace/draw but I was too scared to actually enjoy it. I can see where sidesurfing in would at least eliminate the chance of endoing. Although now the classic "windowshade" manouver comes to mind....

Sounds like I was too far down the beach when I was trying to launch. I had help available but I wanted to work on it on my own. That idea about leaning over to straighten out the boat sounds promising, I'll try it out.

Alas, family obligations got in the way of paddling yesterday. I've still got three more days on the lake as we drive/camp from Thunder Bay to Sault Ste Marie. If anything exciting happens I'll let you know....

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