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Posted by LeeG on Aug 1, 2004

for folks who aren't very fit with the ability to roll and "go with the flow" heading off into surf is like flying down a single track path on a mtn. bike,,without any experience dirt riding. You can do it and if you're young and fit it's exciting. But dislocated shoulders and torn ligaments don't have to be a part of learning safe landing/launchings,,let alone playing. There's a big difference in skill level between what you are doing and what most folks do just to get in/out of the surf zone. The problem is that most folks go straight into playing in the surf zone before they have the fundamentals side surfing or getting through it when the conditions are most favorable. "it's there,,let's go!" or "it'll be a few minutes I'm going to pick the set to come in". I knew a strong paddler who snapped his Werner San Juan in the surf going into a wave, before they got the lighter shafts a few yrs ago,,he lifted weights and the paddle gave before his arms and face did. What kind of kayak are you paddling?

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