Re: surf launching/landin

Posted by LeeG on Jul 31, 2004

the way I learned the surf zone from two different instructors was FIRST getting comfortable side surfing in little stuff. NOT putting yourself sideways to big dumping surf or immediately going in/out of the surf zone but getting familiar with that default setting since that's where you'll be going anytime the bow gets stuck in the water and the stern slides around into a broach. It's a bouncy variable place to be but it's a fundamental, if you make a little sculling effort with your brace you're more likely to be able to adjust to the abrupt ending of the support as the white stuff diminshes, most of the time folks fall into the white stuff as the support in the blade ends near the beach,after that play in the bigger stuff but I don't find putting myself in front of a big breaking wave with a touring boat the most enjoyable thing if the "touring kayak" is really not designed for it.

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