Tracing out the Deck.

Posted by jim whall on Jun 27, 2004


I'm back to try to tackle the deck on my Chesepeake 16. I am having some problems, though...

The instructions say to have an assistant hold the deck down while you try to trace it out. Got you so far. However, it says one piece of plywood will do, and that you should angle cut the deck pieces.

The problem I am having is that having my wife try to hold a 4 x 8 sheet of okume flush to the deck is near impossible. SHe isn't big enough or strong enough to hold the sheet down, at an angle no less where the deck will bend down nicely.

I thought about cutting it crossways, but then was afraid of running out of wood. Help!

P.S., how close do you have to get with this tracing. Even withme going around on this thing quickly, the plywood tends to move around on us.