Re: Your are in for it...

Posted by Dave Matthews on Jul 1, 2004

Simple method. Only special equipment needed is a 15 year old that weighs about 150 pounds.

1) Toss boat in front yard. Ignore funny looks from neighbors.

2) Put a sheet of plastic on the driveway unless you want high gloss driveway sealer.

3) Roll epoxy on decks, put thickened epoxy on the shear clamps.

4) Put deck in place and clamp to shears at the cockpit.

5) Have kid straddle boat and push down on deck edges.

6) Nail like crazy dropping nails in grass, getting epoxy on the hammer, losing the nailing guage multiple times....

Seriously, a person on top of the boat applying pressure to the edges works really well. Just make sure that they understand not to let go until you get to the end of the boat.


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