Your are in for it....

Posted by Homer on Jun 28, 2004

I am not saying you will have as hard a time as I did, but I gently urge you to take the extra time and don't rush into the attachment of the deck no matter how anxious you may be. Take the time to make certain you have the technique down to attached it and hold it in place while you do the nailing. For me, I was using the tie down straps and although they seemed to work fine, I was surprised to find that it wasn't enough and Found that I needed more staps than I though (otherside I didn't the contact I wanted, AND I needed to deal with attaching the tie down straps in a way that would not dig into the deck.

So invest time into a dry run and look what you will be dealing with for the nailing. It will make the final step a whole lot easier and quicker.

In Response to: Tracing out the Deck. by jim whall on Jun 27, 2004