Re: Wherry fillet tip

Posted by David Hopkinson on Jun 17, 2004

I had the same problem glassing the Bow. Took a dremmel tool to much of it to smooth it out and re-glassed with small pieces where necessary.

Another place I had a problem was filling the seams of the strakes. I must have made my epoxy mix a little too thick and it didn't settle into the seam smoothly. I should have smoothed it out when it was still uncured. I have been sanding them a lot to get them acceptable (10 to 15 foot viewing rule).

A question I have is, what is the best way to clean up uncured epoxy? I am not the neatest at making fillets and filling stich holes.

Also do you know of any tricks to beveling the front and rear flotation tank tops to match the varing angle of the hull?

Thanks to all of the people answering the many varried questions on this forum. Ive been reading them for about 6 months now and have learned much!

In Response to: Wherry fillet tip by Kelly C on Jun 17, 2004