Re: Wherry fillet tip

Posted by Kelly C on Jun 17, 2004

Hey, David,

I think I'll have to take a dremel to the inside of the bow, too, and reglass with some smaller pieces. I've been going at it with a chisel, razor blade, and block plane, and it just isn't looking so good.

Uncured epoxy--I wear vinyl gloves when I apply epoxy, and old clothes that are just for this purpose. I simply wipe off the epoxy spots with my gloved finger, and wipe my finger on my t-shirt.

I complained on this forum a few weeks ago about trying to fair the bow, and the responses were tremendously helpful. I now know to use microballoons to thicken the epoxy, and I've faired the bow and the fillets using this. I have one of those cool sandvik scraper kits, so I can use a rounded scraper to get the fillets smooth. That microballoon-filled epoxy is the perfect consistency for fairing with a scraper.

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