Re: Wherry fillet tip

Posted by TomS on Jun 18, 2004

Cleaning up uncured epoxy: A selection of good sharp scrapers is invaluable for this. (Sandpaper's useless as it gets gummed up right away. I use a regular paint scraper with a freshly sharpened edge and a veritas carbide scraper I got at someone else's recommendation on this forum. The carbide works great shaving off drips and sags in fully-cured goop as well.

Beveling the tank tops: Take bevel from the bulkhead at the front of the tank (top corner) with a bevel gauge and transfer this line to the front edge of the top using the gauge. Do the same at the transom. Use a hand plane to remove stock until you're close to these lines at both ends, and position the top so you can sight along the beveled edge periodically to make it relatively fair. You can adjust the plane to take thicker shavings at the beginning if you're kinda impatient, as I am.

Whatever happens, don't worry about the stuff inside the tank. Mine's a mess too, but it doesn't keep everyone who sees the Wherry from saying "beautiful boat".

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