Wherry fillet tip

Posted by Kelly C on Jun 17, 2004

I wish someone had pointed this out to me before I began building my wherry. One of the web pages that has pictures and building tips does mention making "smaller" fillets of thickened epoxy (wood flour) for the transom, but left out one key tip.

Don't epoxy in the copper wires! I just installed the braces (the things that go under the seats) and this time I had the sense to "tack in place" the braces using just a little thickened epoxy. I avoided all the areas where I had wires. The next day, I clipped and pulled the wires, no problem, now I can make full fillets and not have to worry about having copper wires stuck in my boat. In the transom area, I still have bits of copper wires buried in the fillet. Ugh.

I wish I had asked for advice on glassing the inside of the bow, too. It's just a mess, I couldn't get the glass to lie flat. Fortunately, much of this will be covered up by the front flotation tank and the bow wedge thingie. I hope this helps some other wherry builders!