Progress - Honest to God

Posted by Mac on Jun 6, 2004


Back from two days at the lake and four 2mile paddles.

LeeG, Kurt and All Who Chimed IN - THANKS!

100% improvement. No added rudder or skeg or weight. It was all me. This time I simply relaxed and swung my torso more - putting the power of the stroke in to first third and let the yak roll slightly with each stroke.

Like a train she was - and FAST! Then I started leaning way out with exagerated sweeps and hot doggin' (for ME anyway) like you see folks do in pictures and that darn boat never dumped me (I think the water is too warm and it's waiting for me to get real cocky in November).

Any way - a happy camper here wants to say - again - thanks for the super advice and encouragement.