Re: Progress - I'd Say So

Posted by Mac on Jun 6, 2004

I can't get to the lake for the next two weekends, but by then I hope to have digested a new paddlin' video from CLC - maybe two.

I'm actually looking forward to face plants by the end of June when the mountain water gets tolerable and I can play with PFD, skirt, pump, float - all stuff I haven't even gotten wet yet.

Somehow it's OK - even cool - to thrash around in the drink with a kayak - practicing for when you go to the "Big Water". Try that in any other boat and folks shake their heads and sadly walk away. "Never had a lick of sense. Jist look at him now. Plays banjo real good tho.."

Oh, Ice Phil, hope you read this - I was using the straddle and plop entry up 'til to-day when I put the ladder on my wharf and tried out your pier tupe entry/exit - worked! (Sure glad I have rub rails!) Thanks!

Yessir, Kurt - YEEEHHAAAA!!!

In Response to: Progress - I'd Say So! by Kurt Maurer on Jun 6, 2004