Re: Progress - I'd Say So

Posted by Ice-Phil on Jun 7, 2004

Mac, I'm still around and a BIG CONGRATS. to you. Sounds like you had a ball. Have been playing around with a smaller and fatter hybrid carbon boat (19'+ X 20 1/4"). Think I have the rudder thing finally worked out after about a half dozen different blades. Have 3 orders from 2500 miles away to duplicate the rudder setup. One other thing, every Tuesday a few of us meet up and paddle 10-15 miles for fun and a get together, in new and different locations. Last Tuesday paddled an 'industrial area'. Came around a narrow bend and was face to face with a tanker. Also, paddled into a dry dock and back out before they turned the pumps on. Almost jumped out of the boat. Was thinking that not many kayakers have ever done that.

Mac, Congratulations again & good luck and am really glad you're having fun. Phil

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