Progress - I'd Say So!

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jun 6, 2004

Mac, my boy! Now THAT'S the kind of post I likes to see. Kinda let yer hair down in yer boat, did ye? And had a little FUN, eh?? Yessssssiree, THAT'S why we do this!!!

Now, putcher swimsuit on while they ain't nobody watchin', and spend an hour or two dumping your boat! Try braces to extremes, up to and including failure; sculling braces to same; attempt a self-rescue; try out, and get a feel for, your bilge pump, PFD, etc., in a real-time test lab. But be warned: it can be more excercise than paddling a few miles. Why do this? Hah! Glad ya asked: it is guaranteed to add immensely to the future FUN since you become familiar with your new life upon the waters in a small boat like never before!!

I'm not sure of your background in watercraft, but here's mine: I was born and raised right here on Galveston Bay, and was flying around in small boats from the very beginning. I eventually graduated up to hunnerd footers with craploads of HP in lotsa big belching engines before finally tiring of the sea forever -- or so I thought. When I discovered kayaks after a several years' haitus, I discovered BOATING. Oh BABY, it just doesn't get any more pure than this! Just you and your hull, on the most intimate of terms! Why, you can almost FEEL every MOLECULE of H2O! It's like NOTHING ELSE!!!

Okay, well, that's a bunch of BS. Give me a turbo-diesel 65-foot sport fisherman and a fistful of throttles on the tower bridge, in a confused sea, and let's talk about BOATING some more...

But these wooden, self-made kayaks are good, man, REALLY GOOD. They almost make me GLAD I'm not made of money today, and that's a fact. Three years into it, and I am possibly more elated right this minnit than I was at the outset! In fact, I would say I *surely* am. To me, rolling is something even that 65-foot Hatty ain't gonna do in this lifetime...

Nice to see you're in love again. So am I. And to top it all off, our women seem to be happy with the new dash of youth as well. Life is sweet indeed!

Cheers, Kurt

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