short skerry

Making Skerry from plans, glued up my bottom panel and came up 2" short! Thats less then 1.5% of the planned 12', but still...  I'm inclined to ignore right now, shape the bottom panel to plan's dimensions otherwise, (leaving 2" off the stern) and adjust  side panels as needed when I sew pieces together and form the hull (extending rabbits 2" accordingly).  Any other thoughts would be greatly appreciated before I (perhaps) mess things up.


Having fun

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RE: short skerry

Hi Bob!

Excellent choice with the Skerry!

I don't know the best course of action, but I do know that area will be pretty strong in the end. It will have a layer of fibreglass tape running down from the stern stem, fibreglassed exterior AND interior, and a big ol' skeg epoxied and screwed directly over the area you mentioned.

If it were me (I'm no expert here) I'd edge glue a 2" square of wood where the point will be and continue as normal.

If you like, you can check out my online album. I'm currently building a Skerry from plans also. 


RE: short skerry

Thanks Jean. I'm painting most of the shell so this is a good fix. Great pictures, I really appreciate access to pictures while in process, as helps to see how my efforts compare- like checking out a nieghbor's work on a final exam (remembering back that far).  Bob

RE: short skerry

Hi Bob,

If you need additional pictures or some insight into a particular step, feel free to ask. If there's anything people love to talk about, it's their boat!

Up until now, there hasn't been one single un-fun moment building the Skerry. Every step has been exciting and rewarding. 



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