confused - sanding prior to epoxy?

I want to make sure i'm reading this right...  prior to the first coat of epoxy (Eastport Pram), do i sand smooth using 80 grit, then apply thin epoxy coats, then sand with 120 grit & 220 grit if varnishing (or 80 grit & 120 grit if painting)?  or do i sand to 120/220 (if varnishing) and 80/120 (if painting) before I apply the first coat of epoxy?

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RE: confused - sanding prior to epoxy?

You want to sand the bare wood with 80 then 120, then 220, before applying any epoxy.  the 220 will eliminate scratches that would otherwise be visible thru the glass and epoxy.  The 220 is probably not totally necessary under the epoxy if you plan to paint, but it's best to keep the options open.  After glassing and epoxy, you will also want to go 80/120/220.  In both cases, the 80 does the work, getting drips, lumps and other unfairness out, the 120 is the transition, and the 220 gives you the final smoothness.

Remember: however you leave it before applying a coating, be it epoxy, paint, or varnish, is how it will be forever.

Paul G.

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