Cockpit coamings.

there have been a lot of discussions of cockpit coamings recently with carbon fiber, multiple layers of fiberglass, how to hide the edge of the plywood. I built a Ch lt 17 5 years ago.  somehow I missed the bit about putting fiberglass on the coaming and just epoxied it in place.  Then for decoration painted the coaming red to match a red detail stripe along the sheer (which also hides the ring nails.)

After 5 years of carrying the boat by the coaming with it loaded, clambering in and out, wet exits and recoveries in the middle of the hudson, sitting on the thing for lunch on shore, etc I can safely say that plywood and epoxy even without glass stands up quite well to abuse. 

I guess my message here is do what you wish for arts sake but you do not need to go overboard to get a strong, decent looking boat.


Hope the link below works.

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RE: Cockpit coamings.

I aggree completely with Ed.  That's what I did with my Ches. 14 and LT-17, and the coamings hold up very nicely.

RE: Cockpit coamings.

I sanded and glassed mine as per the instructions and I think it'll be just fine.

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