Why is it called a "wood duck"

I built a Wood Duck hybrid, but never really thought about the name.  When I was out kayaking with my daughter in the Wood Duck in front of me, I saw the small transom and upswept stern moving back and forth like a duck waddling along.

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RE: Why is it called a "wood duck"

I dont' know if it is true or not, but here is the story I was told. 

John Harris's great-great-grandfather, who designed the original Wood Duck, would hang them from the rafters of his dry goods store, to earn a little extra folding money selling them to his customers.  As a Southerner, and someone who cared deeply about the safety of the patrons, whenever John heard the bell ringing as a customer entered, he would holler out from the back, "Ah would duck if Ah was you!!".  This was later shortened to "Ah would duck!", which many mistook for "A Wood Duck".

Again, this may be one of those stories that was changed as it was passed down through the generations, but it seems plausible. But your story sounds even more plausible.

RE: Why is it called a "wood duck"

If a wood duck could duck wood...

Seriously (yeah right!),  Camper, the only ones who would have misunderstood would have been the visiting yankees, but a true southerner wouldn't be warning them carpetbaggers anyway. I think Rich's explanation may be a bit more plausible


RE: Why is it called a "wood duck"

I guess this explains why my Wood Duck looks so content hanging from the ceiling... thought, since she is hanging up-side down, does that make her a wood bat?  or just a good actor :)

so now I have to figure out the Egret that is keeping her company.

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