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OK, so after a little searching I found a post by Nick Schade who said to stain the panels seperate.  So I have taken the deck apart the the appropriate panels are drying. 

As I was doing this it occured to be that I am going to end up with a line of light coloured filler in the seam that connects the front half of the deck to the back half (WD12).  So, my question is had anyone ever tried to stain wood flour filler?  I realize this will not work once it is cured, am thinking that either I stain the wood flour before mixing with the epoxy or add a couple drops of dye to the mix before applying.  It is aniline water based stain that I have in powder format.  I will do some experiments and let you all know how it works.

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RE: stained filler

I will be very interested in learning the results--I am not at that stage with my first boat th WD-12 Hybrid but I was thinking that I wanted to paint the botom ply to the stitch line of the side panels and finish the ply natural to the shear line. What to do with the stitcing holes and filler where needed ? I hope your idea works

RE: stained filler

I am making a One Ocean Kayak and in my manual they mention Durham's Water Putty.  This stuff is white and accepts the stain well.  Can't say how it works in the long run but if it is good enough to get mention in the manual I gave it a try.  Sands easy too. 


RE: stained filler

cz375hh - the filler is in the seams of the panels.  Since the epoxy is thickened with wood flour, the colour is a reasonable match.  The area that I am concerned with is the seam between the fore deck and aft deck, wraps around the cockpit.  Both are stained and I did not want a light line separating.  The rest of the seams are all either one of two panels not stained so there is no issue there. 

 Mr. Kim, thanks, I will look into that.  I have stained a couple pieces of scrap and will try a couple of experiments first, but sounds like I now have a good back up plan.

RE: stained filler

Is the joint between the front and back deck is a but joint? I have a chesapeak 16 and 17.  The joint is a but joint with a backing piece. IIf I remember I did not even put glue in the but joint but only clamped the front and back pieces to the backing piece. When you epoxy the glass to the deck it will fill any small void.  If you cut it cleanly it will be visable but not very.  In my boats (I went and looked to be sure), which are not stained, the joint actually appears as a thin dark line. If you feel you need to stain a couple of scraps and do a test run.




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