Is anyone building a Microbootlegger? I've never built a boat but am an expert woodworker, how difficult is this build?  Dave

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RE: Microbootlegger

This is a long time since your post but I am in the process of fiberglassing a micobootlegger hull right now.   No problems at all so far.  In fact, the uniform shape of the hull lends itself to very long runs for the strips, speeding up the build.  

RE: Microbootlegger

Just picked up the forms only kit Saturday and ordered the glass and epoxy today...


Can either of you post/send pics of your kayaks and share any lessons learned?

RE: Microbootlegger

We built one some time ago and enjoyed the building and enjoy using it even more. It is an elagant and unique design. It really isn't difficult build. We did find we had to add a skeg and a rudder. I will try to post pics of the boat and how we did the rudder.


RE: Microbootlegger

As the picture didn't post, here is a link to the album.  https://picasaweb.google.com/104161248939265395830/Kayak?authuser=0&feat=directlink


Hopefully that works.

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