bamboo strips

I'm planning a shearwater 17 hybrid and want to use bamboo strips as accents. Anyone have any experience or comments/ SEEYA Jack

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RE: bamboo strips


I've made my share of longbows using bamboo, so I have a little experience with the stuff.  I would think the biggest problem will arise when you get to the fairing process.  The nodes on the bamboo are rather hard, as is bamboo, compared to cedar.  I would think this would add an element of diffuculty during the fairing phase of the project.  Not impossible by any means, just a little more challenging......Shearwater 17 Hybrid

RE: bamboo strips

Thanks for the thought Birke. I have considered that but only pln to use a few strips that I think I can handle. Do you practice Kyudo? Is that where your bow making comes from? SEEYA Jack   PS Nice looking boat.

RE: bamboo strips


No Kyodo here!  Bamboo just happens to be an excellent bow making material due to its very high tensile strength.

RE: bamboo strips

Bamboo will be fine in the sense that it takes well to epoxy, and won't fail. I've seen it used, with great success on long-board skateboard decks (my other creative outlet/vice). Extremely strong, flexy and impact-resistant. But, I suspect, it's kind of heavy for 'yak purposes, compared to cedar, etc. If you are only using it 'decoratively', that should'nt be an issue...

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