Wood Duck Hybrid - Invisible Hatch and Cockpit Coming

Getting close to the water!

Anyone with a strip deck use the hatch stiffeners? The manual makes no mention but I've seen a few people with issues with the ply decks. Wonder if using the stiffener would be beneficial to avoind any deformation with the tension from invisible holds; I can't really see a down side other than weight. Any thoughts?


Question 2: I'm not super happy with the appearance of the extenal part of the coming; the laminated ply and coloring from the epoxy fillets is kinda meh... I'm thinking about hitting it with some matte black or something to clean it up a bit. Any ideas or expoeriences are welcome!

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RE: Wood Duck Hybrid - Invisible Hatch and Cockpit Coming

Hi Davin, 

the strip version would not use the same type of hatch stiffeners that the stitch and glue would.

on the stitch and glue, you basically double up the plywood and glue it while you are ensuring it is flat.

the strip built has a curved deck so the main thing you want to ensure is that the curvature of the deck is locked into the hatch covers.  the way you would do that is by making some small ribs and glueing them to the bottom of the hatch - kind of like just the top of the forms that would occur in that spot.

you could also double up the stripping on the botton of the hatch similar to the stitch and glue (make sure to leave space for it to sit on its sill)..just put another layer of strips and ensure you are not distorting the shape of the hatch.

fwiw, i am not sure you really need this 'stiffner'.  you can make the hatch and add a stiffner aftewards if it seems that it is not stiff enough as is.

on the painting.   you can paint the coaming.  i routinely use rustoleum outdoor paints for little things like this.  i have not done a coaming, but it would paint easily.  i keep some flat black rustoleum and routinely paint all my hardward becuase i don't like the look of silver screws on the boat....and think it looks cool when they show as flat black.

hope that was helpful.




RE: Wood Duck Hybrid - Invisible Hatch and Cockpit Coming

   Thx for the ideas, hspira. There's limited flex in my hatch now, but I had the piece sitting there from the kit, begging me to overthink it....

I think I'm inspired now; I'm thinking about running wood strips athwart the hatch and carving hooks AKA Laszlo for bonus support and avoiding the stainless hooks. 

Still debating the coming paint. So close!


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