fiberglass issue - edges and fraying

I put the first three layers of fiberglass on but in squeegeeing much of the fiberglass pulled down and I have [very] numerous threads prominently visible under the epoxy.

Can I (1) safely put on the second layer of epoxy and be confident that they won't be visible or must I remove them somehow? or (2) if I want to paint the hull can I epoxy and not worry that the threads will be visible through the paint?

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RE: fiberglass issue - edges and fraying

If the threads are thoroughly saturated and transparent you'll still have to take care of the differences in height by filling in the low spots with epoxy, but eventually with proper fill and sanding they'll be invisible and you can have a varnished surface.

If you're painting, either from choice or because the threads are unsaturated and white, you can apply a fairing compound instead of unthickened epoxy, sand it smooth and paint that.

Either way, you're hiding the threads by fairing the surface, it's just that in one case you're fairing with epoxy and other with fairing compound.



RE: fiberglass issue - edges and fraying

   Thank you

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