Lost a foot peg.

Hello all.

While giving another padler the opportunity to practice assisted rescue skills in the middle of the Hudson river during a circumnavigation of manhatten (ok, I dumped) I somehow lost one of the foot pegs for my keeper foot braces.  I hate to spend $25 for a full set.  Does anyone by chance have a spare "peg" "floating" around the shop that they could mail me in exchange for a bit of liquid refreshment money.

By the way, it was a great paddle with 50+ other kayakers.  

 Thanks, Ed

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RE: Lost a foot peg.

You have the foot braces with the aluminum rails?

RE: Lost a foot peg.

Nope, the plastic ones.


RE: Lost a foot peg.

Email me your addy.  I have a few from upgrades.




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