Speed problems with CCR

I recently build a ccr however I am expierencing speeds around 14mph max instead of maybe 5 mph faster than I found online. I am 130 pounds with 35 pounds of ballast in the bow powered by a short shaft evinrude fisherman 6hp. The only way that I can get the boat to plane is by sitting directly on the bow. Once it is planed and going around 14 mph I can re-enter the cockpit. The other issue is if I make a turn the propeller loses grip on the water and I completely lose my speed. Because it is so difficult to plane I can't just wait and let the engine speed up again. Correct me if I'm wrong but generally the CCRs go from 15-20 and I aren't finding myself getting up to those speeds. What can I do, do I need a bigger engine? If I do, should I get a long shaft? Help!

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RE: Speed problems with CCR

   Sounds like your engine and/or prop need tuning, as well as your transom wedge.  For example, a lot of those old Fisherman outboards were used for slow speed trolling in shallow waters where they sucked up silt and dirt.  That muck clogged up their exhaust passages somewhat, preventing the engines from runnig at top speed.  They'll run all day, just not at high rpm.  Older props typically have nicks and dings that can adversly impact speeds and help the prop ventilate sooner and more excessively in turns, especially sharp turns.  The 35 pounds of ballast you are carrying suggests you need to tuck your outboard's lower unit in closer to the transom.  Try putting thin sticks (e.g., tongue depressors) between the top of the engine's clamps and the wedge to see if you can get rid of some or all of that ballast.

At your weight I wouldn't recommend a larger outboard.  A newer 6-hp Evinrude/Johnson (newer than 1980 but still a 2-stroke) would increase your speed, potentially into the 20s.

DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT try a long-shaft outboard!  If you do, you won't be happy.  Good luck.

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