Trailex Trailer


Two year old like new Trailex trailer.  Never been in water.  $1200obo. Email [email protected] for pictures.  Located in Annapolis very close to CLC.  



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RE: Trailex Trailer


RE: Trailex Trailer

Look in the classifieds forum. They've double-posted.  

RE: Trailex Trailer

How do I get to the Classifieds? 


I've been away for a while.

Having the trailer might be just the trick to get me back at it. The Boatwife would be saying, now that we've spent all that money on the trailer, when are you going to finish the Sharpie?


RE: Trailex Trailer

Camper! You're back!

The classifieds are here. The normal way to access them is to get to the Builders Forum page and, under the picture of Nick demonstrating stripper buildinf, clicking on the "CLASSIFIEDS" button.

Just be sure that it doesn't become the next longterm project that will need to be disposed of :-)

So you here to stay or are you going off to wherever it is that the old-timers go? Kurt, Mac, etc.? It's good to hear that your still around somewhere.




RE: Trailex Trailer


Thanks for the answer about the Classifieds.

I am getting the itch to build again!

Anyway, I'm glad you still remember me.

Does anyone ever hear from Mac or Kurt?

Everytime I think of Schmooky Dutz (or was it Dooky Schmutz?) I think of Kurt.



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