Things we've learned

Finishing my fifth  boat and was considering things I've learned about this process and figured I'd make a list.  1 Tape filet joints 2 pull up tape after an hour 3 bench scrapers are great  4 sandpaper is not the place to save money, buy alot and change  often 5 don't mix to much epoxy at once it starts to thicken and gets sloppy. 6 spray back of sandpaper with adhesive fold in half and cut in squares for hand sanding 7 perfect is the enemy of good 8 vinegar is the only thing that washes epoxy off skin 9 keep a good  supply of wax paper 10 foil pie tins are great for epoxy and when your  done set them  aside to dry and reuse 11 there's no such thing as your last boat, only your next 12 don't ever let anyone tell you there's not enough room for a other boat 13 be paranoid about  what might be on your shop rags ,contaminants such 14 the girl In the car next to you is  checking out the kayak on your roof,not you

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RE: Things we've learned

   Please  add list

RE: Things we've learned

Excellent list. I would add

15. That one thing you obsessed about and didn't quite get perfect? Nobody will notice except you.

16. Be prepared for the following exchange every time you take her out:
"Wow, how long did that take you to build?"
"I'd be afraid to put it in the water"


RE: Things we've learned

 17. It's only money


RE: Things we've learned

18. It's a boat, not a Martin guitar.


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